The Future you hold out to me:

Pantyhose, desks and insincerity,

It’s not who, what, how I want to be.

Not looking to leverage my connection.

Refusing to present a case for another profit margin,

You think I’m drif-ting

but I’m Looking

for the Poetry,

in Life.

A 99 Cup Review

When I find a good thing, I like to to share it.

Maria Popova, through her website, BrainPickings.com, has achieved exactly the result most of us set out for in our own writing work. The difference is, most of us don’t get there.

At first blush, it appears to be little more than an extended blog, but there is so much more to appreciate about Brain Pickings. Few sites offer so much value in such a simple package.

Pleasingly compact in it’s design, it offers useful, thoughtful information, thought provoking imagery, and an academic connection for those of us feeling slightly alienated from our alma maters. It is like being able to walk into the classroom of a favourite professor and soak it all in, all the exposure to interesting sources, challenging perceptions and contrasting ideas.

To me, that’s exciting.

I often wonder where this Maria-person finds the time, what staff she might have at her disposal – graphic designer, web master, researcher, copyright lawyer, accountant, marketing department? It would seem to me, in order to achieve this quality, one would need the full complement of staff.

Lately, I’ve been seeing these Facebook advertisements for so and so’s Masterclass wherein best selling authors and other types of experts give online instruction on their given field. Margaret Atwood, Judy Bloom and Dan Brown caught my eye but if Maria Popova offered a Master Class, sign me up.

With over ten years in the biz, there is a lot of content to explore. A person could read only Brain Pickings for days and never get to the end of the literary and historical references. It elevates the online experience to something more.

As it should be.

From my humble little, largely ignored blog, I give BrainPickings.com 99 cups out of 100.

Glass of Life

Life is like a glass of water, you get out what you put in,


From day one,

Some glasses are cracked or gritty,


Easier to empty than to fill.

Life offers extra challenges, an eternal trip up hill.

Still, someone notices the cracks, cupping hands around,

Teacher, lover or friend,

Cradling the good, the You they’ve found,

For those most fortunate it’s done right from the start.

… but sometimes not.

This glass of life is art,

in which Miss Chievous Luck still plays a part.



He hurt me. She hurt someone I love. With intent.

So mistrust I them.

He mistrusts those smarter,

Their degrees and research, squiggly lies in his bitter little brain,

Diminishing with hammer fists, a name,

I would rather call the smarter sort a Friend.

Thank goodness we don’t all think the same.


Prickly and thin

Fighting all my demons whoever they may be,

They’re pointing out from in, the quills inside of me,

Wearing out my honour, in a way that you can see,

Several sneer of guilt, others cough, “You can’t!” One gave me a stiff neck, rumpled up my mat.

Broke up my priorities betwixt way more than two – tossed them on the carpet,

Farket! The stain – brown hue,

circling round and down the drain,

What a mess – me –  do you think that I should sue?

Flatten the mat. Move slow. You can. Do just one thing:

Breath – In.






Isn’t that better?



the waiter

In the morning I wait quietly for inspiration to dawn

pink and orange and yellow across my thought

coffee, a blank page

I’ll wait

a dog’s long stretch

the fridge stops making it’s quiet constant sound

husband wakes

and I guess that’s it for today.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll find sibilance and danger, friends with strangers, the worst taste ever, get fired, lose my mind, discover the secret to life, fall in love with an opium addiction, and die long and slow but today, the page is blank – save for all these words – I’ll feel soft lips on my forehead, worry about the kids, have a shower, work all day, comfort in supper, wallow in the news, soft lips again, sleep and wake early again, eager.

I’ll wait.